• Silves arabic poetry

    Poetess Maryam Bint Abi Ya-Qub Al-Ansari,

    lived at Seville, and was born at Silves.

    Ibn Dihya mentions her in th
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  • Algarve and the Arabs

    "No people in the Early Middle Ages, contributed to human progress so much as did the Arabs, a term wich in our usage would comprise all Arabic-speaking peoples, including the Arabians, that is, the inhabitants of the Arabian penin
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  • Science in Portugal during the Enlightenment




    The Sciences in the European Periphery During the Enlightenment

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  • Vasco da Gama


    Vasco da Gama, the first European navigator who found his way to India by doubling the Cape of Good Hope, was born at the small seaport town of Sines in Portugal. The date of his birth, and the circumstances of his early life, are not mentioned. It
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  • Porto Wine

    Port Wine

    What makes Porto Wine unique is that the grapes juice are fortified with
    brandy.  This brandy addition neutralizes the yeasting process and interrupts the transformation of grapes sugar into alchool. This union of  brandy with with the fermenting wine create a
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  • Portuguse Pavement Stone



    Stone pavement is an art with a long history. Romans are the most well known for this kind of work, both inside and outside buildings, made with intricate,beautiful and colorful designs but, in Portugal, it wasn't only the Romans that influenced this kind of work, Ar
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  • Alvor


    Alvor Algarve - Car HireAl
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  • The Queen and Tea


    " When Charles II reclaimed the throne of england in 1661 he was in need of a wife, a queen, and money. Luisa de Guzmao the regent queen of Portugal, promised her twenty three years old daughter, Catherine of Braganza, would provide him all further [ + ]


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