Silves arabic poetry

Poetess Maryam Bint Abi Ya-Qub Al-Ansari,

lived at Seville, and was born at Silves.

Ibn Dihya mentions her in the Mutrib saying

that she was a famous poetess, taught literature to women,

and lived a long life. 

Al-Humaidi quotes her reply to Al.Mahdi, when he sent her money

with the following verses:

How could I thank you well for what I have receved before,
In case I were an eloquent speaker at gatherings,
Oh you, most brilliant wit of these our days,
Unique in this our age in faith and deeds:
Like the Virgin Mary you are in chast behavior,
and surpass Al-Ansa in poetry and fame!

Her reply was:

Who can compete with you in word and deed,
Now that you have bestowed a favour without beeing asked?
How can I thank for what adorns my neck,
A collar of pearls; and for what I have receved before?
You have adorned me with what makes me proud
Above all woman that have no jewls to wear;
How splendid is your generous mind which does excel
Euphrates' streams and is refined like a silk thread!



Ibn Ammâr

Ibn Ammar was born at Estombar ( Sannabus) near Silves in 422/1031.

He was an intimate friend with Al'Mutamid, 9 years his junior.

Ibn Ãqãn calls him rightly a poet of genius, but adds that his habbits and conduct were bad.

Al'Mutadid included him in the list of subsidised court poets, with living courts at the castle called Dismaq.  It was during his staying at this castle that Ibn Ammãr became friend with Muhammad, later known as Mu'tamid.

Muhammad was so fond of his friend, that one night, after a cheerfull session of wine drinking and reciting poetry he said: " tonight you will sleep with me on the same pillow. "

" Do you recall the days of our early youth,

when you ressembled a crescent on the sky?

I would embrasse your body that was fresh,

And from your lips I sipped pure water as well,

Contentinh myself, in loving you, short of harãm,

When you did swear that what I did was halãl!

I shall expose your 'ird at time goes on,

And by degrees tear up your secrets'veil:

Oh you 'Ãmir and Zeid of knights who do withhold

Hospitality, allow your wives to be profaned!

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