Porto Wine

Port Wine

What makes Porto Wine unique is that the grapes juice are fortified with
brandy.  This brandy addition neutralizes the yeasting process and interrupts the transformation of grapes sugar into alchool. This union of  brandy with with the fermenting wine create a sweet fortified wine.
Each springtime Port is transported from the Douro Valley to storage areas ( lodges) across the river from Porto. There the wine brought from the valley will then undergo blending and aging.  Some of the Port, the Tawny will aged in large oak casks, gaining flavor wile in contact with the wood and the air. The ruby will remain sealed for a while in stainless vats and later transferred into wodden casks. The ruby is less exposed to wood and
air and will therefore retain most of its original characteristics; that is rich, full, fruity and fiery.  The Tawny will be delicate and complex.
Port was, and it is, shipped in barrels called "pipes".  this english word comes from the portuguese word pipas.
Port was a gentleman drink, fashionable amoung the aristocracy, politicians
and military officers.  Dicken's novells are filled with respectables Port drinkers such as Mr. Pickwick and Mr. Brownslow.  Admiral Nelson drank Port at his dinners.  Sir Winstons Churchill, was often pictured with his
cigar and glass of Port.
Port has been discovered by other than its previously limited clientele.
Port is one of the worlds's great classic wines and no meal, formal or informal, is complete withou it.

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