Silves / Chelb

Silves castle Algarve

Silves Castle, Algarve


The city of Silves, the old Chelb, was the residence of Moorish Kings.

The splendid town is crowned by a beautifull red castle.

The city with it's arcaded and terraced houses, cooled patios with cisterns

and wells, arcaded streets of shops,mosques, climbing, twistling, narrow

steets, and everywhere were gardens, orchards, orange groves, palms.

The avidious crusaders, could not be indiferent to the rich and glorious city.

After the sacking and the massacre, of the moorish, ( and the portuguese )

the crusaders sail away with their loot.

After that, the gottic church was raised on the foundations of the old mosque.

The legend says, the ghost of the mosque, still haunts the ruined and restored



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