Before you travel


Familiarize yourself with the local rules of the road.

-Don't forget your map. If you own a GPS, you can downlowd international maps on your GPS provider web site ( for a fee ). Or ask the car rental for the GPS. fees. Most car rental companies offer GPS rentals.


-In Most cases, your own auto insurance policy applies to rental car, as well. Consult your policy and / or insurance agent to verify coverage.

-Put all additional drivers in the rental contract.

If you let someone not included in the rental contract drive the vehicle, you risk voiding the contract, and your own personal coverage may be compromised.

Inspection of the rental car

-Inspect the vehicle before you leave the lot. Take a walk- around with the agent before driving off.

Make sure anything is find and notetd in the contract.

Return your rental car in time. Avoid extra charge.

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